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Sept. 7, 1947 – Ponta Delgada first to win U.S. Open Cup & U.S. Amateur Cup double

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Fall River’s Ponta Delgada SC became the country’s dominant team in the late 1940s and was selected to represent the U.S. in the first North American championship, losing to Mexico (5-0) and Cuba (5-2) in Havana.

In the 1948 Olympics, the U.S. team included captain Joseph Rego-Costa and four of his Ponta Delgada teammates: Joe Ferreira, Manuel Martin, Ed Souza and John Souza.

Ponta Delgada came close to two successive doubles. In 1946, Ponta Delgada won the U.S. Amateur Cup and lost to the Chicago Vikings (3-2 aggregate) in the two-leg U.S. Open Cup final. In 1950, Ponta Delgada won the U.S. Amateur Cup and lost to St Louis Simpkins Ford (3-1 aggregate) in the U.S. Open Cup final. Both Ed and John Souza performed for the U.S. in the 1950 World Cup.

Aug. 31, 1947 – Ponta Delgada SC 6:1 Chicago Sparta, National Open Cup final first leg at Ponta Stadium, N. Tiverton, R.I. (Att.: 2,400)

Ed Souza scored twice and Joe Ferreira, John Souza, John “Quack” Travis and Ed Valentine added goals for Ponta Delgada and Francis Quinn converted for Sparta.

Sept. 7, 1947 – Chicago Sparta 2:3 (3:9) Ponta Delgada SC, National Open Cup final second leg at Sparta Stadium (Att. 5,000)

Substitute Jim Delgado, Ferreira and Valentine scored for Ponta Delgada and Quinn converted a penalty kick and Raffel Mejia scored for Sparta.



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