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Dec. 12, 1891 –East Ends 2:2 Rovers, New England League series at Fall River, Mass. (Att.: 8,000)

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The Fall River Rovers had defeated the East Ends the previous week but “… East End management and backers, however, were not satisfied with the result, and as a consequence today’s game was arranged.”

Sharrocks opened the scoring and the East Ends had a 2-0 lead (the Boston Globe story does not credit an individual with the second goal, “owing to loose playing by King, the Rovers’ full back”). Then, the Rovers equalized on “a magnificent long drive” by Kenny and Harrington’s header off a pass from Culligan.

“The decisive game will be played later,” according to the Globe.

The East Ends won two successive American FA Cups, defeating the Brooklyn Longfellows, 3-1, in 1891 and New York Thistle, 5-2, in 1892.


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